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Custom Shot GlassSome of the most fun and uniquely versatile products in our line are the custom shot glasses.  Originally designed to pour 1 oz of your beverage of choice, shot glasses have crossed into several new functions such as a retail item, collectible souvenir, or even traditional barware for a restaurant or bar.

As seen on the right, you can serve two purposes with your glass - retail item and barware.  Many of our clients will purchase a large quantity of custom shot glasses for their establishment and use them both to serve drinks as well as sell as a retail item.  Some have even gone one step further and packaged the sale of the item itself along with the drink.  For instance, the drink of the night for $3.00, or the drink of the night with a collectible glass for $4.50.  You can even offer refillable specials to make sure they hang on to those glasses!

And completely crossing over into another category would be the use of the shot glass as a sole retail item.  No gift shop is complete without a collection of glasses decorated in every way imaginable.  And often times the more unusual the design, the more popular the item.   Tall, skinny, short, heavy, plastic, lighted, colored, ceramic... you name it, it's an option.  And to put icing on the cake, shot glasses have slowly crept up in the top 10 most collected items by Americans.

So if you're looking for a unique way to brand your message on a very trendy medium with an assortment of uses, custom shot glasses are a perfect opportunity for you.  Call us today to discuss how you want your message delivered, and we'll match up the right shot glass for your promotion!

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